Cultural Transformation Course

Confidently Integrate Racial Equity + Inclusion into Your Workplace

Learn a step-by-step framework for developing an organizational culture that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and racially equitable — including how to transform your hiring practices, address workplace discriminatory issues, and simply converse more effectively and respectfully with fellow colleagues and employees.

Approved for 7 CEUs

Approved for 7 CEUs

As a Human Resources Professional in a small to midsize company…

You’re constantly wearing as many hats as you can possibly wear, putting out fires and taking on more and more tasks and initiatives – some of which you don’t feel especially equipped to do.

One of those initiatives is to help your organization become a more inclusive and non-discriminatory workplace…as well as to implement practices and processes that cultivate more racial equity.

And while — as an HR professional — you may be in a position that would naturally play a role in bringing about this shift…that doesn’t mean you’re not scratching your head about how to actually do it — let alone how to do it well.

Race, diversity, and equity are such large and multifaceted subjects…

…and they often bring with them sensitivity, distinct opinions, and a wide range of emotions.

With all this grey area, it often seems impossible to “get it right,”…and it’s tempting you and others to avoid doing anything simply because you don’t want to get it wrong.

That avoidance has created a culture that is lacking in inclusion…

And you know there are many employees who feel unseen, unheard, and undervalued.

You see it in your hiring practices and promotions, where certain people are hired or promoted solely based on their race or gender.

You see it in the defensive way that people react to DEI initiatives, or in the leaders or the employees who don’t react to them at all.

And you see it — or more accurately HEAR it — in the way your team members speak to each other, or avoid discussing any issue that has anything to do with race.

You’re passionate about playing a significant role in bringing about a more equitable and inclusive work culture, and you know your organization has the potential to gain so much from making such an important shift…

…yet without the knowledge and the guidance on how to navigate such a large and often personal issue, you keep falling back on old practices, wondering how you’ll ever begin to bring about the change you really want to see— and the culture you’ve been tasked to create.

Hear this

Feeling confused and overwhelmed about how to create a more racially equitable culture is normal…

And, unfortunately, all too common.

That’s because the vast majority of humans — let alone Human Resource Professionals! — have never been taught how to create a racially equitable environment.

Sure, we’ve all heard the buzzwords and the drumbeat about creating more diversity, equity, and inclusion at work…

…but no one has directly taught anyone how to actually do it!

To create a workplace that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and racially equitable we need to truly LEARN what that means — as well as what that really looks like.

We need to envision a different culture where there is equity and belonging…and we need to explore the mindsets that need to shift so that we begin creating it.

We need to evaluate our current practices and processes so that we’re hiring and promoting based on skill, potential, behavior, and experience instead of solely on race or gender.

And we need to learn how to communicate openly with each other about race, bias, and discriminatory issues in a way that doesn’t create defensiveness, but instead is founded in respect, empathy, and maturity.

When we thoroughly understand what a racially equitable culture looks like — and begin implementing the practices and the processes that create a more inclusive and unbiased workplace — cultural transformation will occur.

And when it does, we’ll feel — as HR leaders and professionals — that we know exactly what to do to continue to cultivate the equitable culture that we seek and the one we’ve been tasked to create.

A culture where:

The good news is a new step-by-step framework to help you create this racially equitable culture is HERE.

A framework that will help you envision a more inclusive workplace for your specific organization and employees. A framework that will help you identify the limiting mindsets that need updating in your current culture and the expansive and transformative mindsets that need to take their place. 

A framework that helps you explore and improve your current practices and processes, including how you hire, address discriminatory issues, or communicate with employees and clients.

And a framework that will help you navigate the often long and winding journey of becoming a more inclusive and racially equitable organization so that you can continually create and improve upon your mission to cultivate a better culture.

I know it may seem impossible to imagine that one framework can allow you to finally begin to experience the cultural transformation you’ve been needing in your organization…but it’s not only possible, it’s 100% doable, too.

And I know this is true because I’ve seen it myself, as I’ve coached many organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits to experience cultural transformations of this very magnitude. Now, I can’t wait to help you implement such a transformation in your organization, too.

I'm Kenston Henderson, Sr.

With over 20+ years of experience in Human Resources and helping people cultivate the best version of themselves at companies such as Wendy’s, Victoria’s Secret PINK, City of Kalispell Montana, Atwell Group, Phillip Jeffries, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Center, NetJets Inc., and The Ohio State University – I have seen firsthand the challenges that most organizations face today when it comes to building an organizational culture that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and racially equitable.

As the founder and CEO of Live With Lyfe, LLC, a TEDx Signature Speaker, a certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker and Trainer, a Culture Transformation Champion, the recipient of the ICN Dr. Astell Collins Generation Leader Award, and the author of “Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously About Race,” I believe in the power of positive, inclusive, and engaging workplaces.

As a speaker and trainer who focuses on leadership, diversity, equity and inclusion, conflict management, and effective communication, my goal is to equip people who are engaging in what can be seen as uncomfortable conversations with the skills to have winning conversations — conversations that build relationships and heal divides through respect, empathy, and maturity.

Based on my recent TEDx Talk titled, Can We Talk? I have created a highly effective framework for having these tough but necessary conversations about racial diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

My mission now is to share this framework with YOU — so that you can finally have a step-by-step guide for how to ignite the cultural transformation you know your organization needs. Developing a workplace culture that has racial equity, inclusivity, and belonging is no small task, but when you have the guidance and a framework to follow, it becomes possible — and extremely rewarding. Every workplace CAN be an environment where racial equity exists, and every employee deserves to work in such a culture.

I’m excited to show you how your organization can begin to make this critical shift — and become a culture that is more just, equitable, and inclusive for your employees as well as yourself.


Cultural Transformation in the Workplace: The 7 Keys to Create and Cultivate Racial Equity

As part of Cultural Transformation in the Workplace, you’ll receive:

7 Learning Modules

That will teach you step-by-step how to start cultivating a culture of racial equity and belonging


To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your organization

Program Breakdown

Here’s what you’ll learn and explore in each module of Cultural Transformation in the Workplace…

Module One

The Journey Begins

Why HR + Race in the Workplace is the Key to Your Organization’s Success

We’ll kick off the course by exploring how addressing race in the workplace will impact your organization in all kinds of positive ways. We’ll discuss why the hiring process is the front door to your organization and how it creates your culture, for better or for worse, as well as how it can improve the racial equity within your company.

You’ll also create a purpose statement of how you want your organization — and yourself — to be in the future regarding race in the workplace so that you can develop a vision and an intention that will drive your progress and success in the program.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tool:

Module Two

Adopting a Self-Awareness Mindset

In Module Two we’ll explore your current mindsets about racial equity in the workplace and identify the blindspots and limiting beliefs you need to let go of in order to transform your organization’s culture. You’ll also identify the future mindsets you’ll need to adopt to effectively work to transform your culture so that you can get your mind in the right place to succeed most efficiently.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tools:

Module Three

How to Host Winning Conversations about Race

In Module Three, you’ll learn the Respect, Empathy, and Maturity (R.E.M.) framework for having winning conversations about race. We’ll take a deep dive into how your culture is created through your company values, and the importance of being willing to embrace courage over comfort to address situations of racial bias in the workplace.

You’ll also see examples of the REM framework in action, including conversations that are done well and those that are not. By the end of this module, you’ll have more confidence and courage that you can create a positive impact when talking about race at work.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tool:

Module Four

Transforming Your Hiring Practices for More Racial Equity

In Module Four, we’ll dive into hiring and look closely at the old paradigm hiring practices that typically occur during the hiring lifecycle so that we can identify the bias that has commonly happened in each stage. Then, we’ll use the REM Framework to explore new paradigm hiring practices that support inclusion — such as creating belonging, hearing all voices in a meeting, and naming biases — so that you can begin to hire to create an inclusive and racially equal culture.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tools:

Module Five

Creating a Workplace of Excellence and a Culture of Belonging

In Module Five, we’ll discuss how to create a culture where belonging and inclusion are obvious. We’ll discuss opportunities for access, inclusion, and belonging such as mentorship, peer-to-peer partnerships, succession planning, and exploratory programs for employees to try out new roles. You’ll learn nine solid examples of access opportunities that are happening in highly inclusive organizations today. You can consider introducing them into your own so that you can begin to better support your employees and more clearly promote racial equity, inclusion, and belonging in your workplace.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tool:

Module Six

Confronting Barriers When Cultivating a New Culture

In Module Six, we’ll discuss what to do when you confront challenges and/or pushback as you work to cultivate more racial equity in your workplace. We’ll explore the most common challenges that pop up in your journey, as well as discuss examples, scenarios, and ways to navigate the challenges so that you can stay on track and keep making progress.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tools:

Module Seven

The Power of Ongoing Commitment

In our final module, we’ll discuss the importance of adopting a long-term approach and mindset to changing your company’s culture. You’ll learn how to set SMART goals to drive your work around racial equity, as well as discover how to develop one-month, three-month, and 12-month goals to implement all of the new ideas and learning you’ve gained throughout the program. You’ll also see examples of great goals to make for each of the various stages.

In this module, you’ll be guided by the following tool:

Get Valuable Bonus Content

Cultural Transformation in the Workplace: The 7 Keys to Create and Cultivate Racial Equity is already PACKED with value that will help you begin to shift your company’s culture to be more inclusive, non-discriminatory, and racially equal, but when you join now you’ll also receive the following BONUS…


The Top 3 Things that Get in the Way of Implementing DEI Efforts and Effective Language Tool

This handy tool will help executives leaders understand the three most common things that thwart DEI efforts so that they can remain aware of them and become less defensive when talking about racial equity in the workplace.


That’s a lot of value!

Need a recap?

7 Learning Modules

That will teach you step-by-step how to start cultivating a culture of racial equity and belonging


To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course and implement it into your organization

Bonus Material

The Top 3 Things that Get in the Way of Implementing DEI Efforts and Effective Language Tool bonus

Approved for 7 CEUs

Approved for 7 CEUs

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What Clients Are Saying...

"I had the pleasure of seeing Kenston speak at the SHRM Inclusion conference, and he is just someone who has a way of commanding a room with his positive energy and sense of humor while still getting the important messages across. This work in the DEI space is not easy, and Kenston really pushes people to lean in and just do more with where they are right now in their DEI journey."

— C.C.

"Some of today's issues for HR leaders can be hard to tackle including how to have open and honest dialogue around race; how companies can support team members; creating safe spaces for dialogue; and ensuring company practices and policies are inclusive and supportive. Kenston's approach provides honest and practical answers for HR leaders. His high energy and passion creates a safe space for all participants to ask questions and get practical advice."

— N.M.D.

"At the HR Florida Conference in August 2021, I had the honor of hearing Kenston speak courageously about race in the workplace. Kenston's message resonated and was universal — we cannot avoid talking about topics of such importance anymore and need to create safe environments in our workplaces to foster such discussions. Whether race, LGBTQ+, gender, or other topics we have long thought too sensitive to discuss, Kenston's collaborative approach to bringing these issues to light is engaging, serious, and even fun. His innate ability to connect with everyone in his audience is authentic and further adds to the meaningful nature of his approach. I am hopeful I get to learn more from Kenston as I continue my own journey to speak courageously."

— A. R

"I had the honor and privilege of hearing Kenston present on “Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously About Race” at the HR Florida Conference. Not only was this topic “right on time” with our current climate, but Kenton’s delivery was raw, uncut and real! In my opinion, this conversation has been long overdue. Kenston created a safe place, allowing for vulnerability. I have attended many sessions on this very topic over the past year and half, but none as dynamic and real as this. Kenston, THANK YOU for bringing your true, authentic self to this conversation. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversations I have started within my professional/personal networks and taking them to a whole new level of vulnerability and continuous fight for awareness."

— J. H,

"During SHRM INCLUSION 2021 I had the privilege of listening to Kenston's talk "Winning Conversations: Keys to Becoming a Successful and Courageous Advocate and Ally." I'm striving to be an advocate and ally not just in the workplace, but in my everyday life and interactions. Kenston's knowledge and passion about this topic left me feeling motivated and inspired."

— M.H..

"I had the pleasure of attending an amazing and insightful session led by Kenston at SHRM Atlanta Symposium Virtual Conference titled Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously about Race. Kenston taught us five practical ways that we can implement personally and professionally along with his proprietary R.E.M method. Kenston's passion and enthusiasm left us all wanting more and most importantly we walked away feeling equipped and empowered to have winning conversations."

— C.J.

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