Kenston Henderson Sr. aka “The Bias Disrupter”

Ignite Your Team's Potential and Inspire a
Culture of Growth

Kenston Henderson, CSP® delivers captivating speaking programs, powerful workshops, and game-changing group coaching to ignite, inspire, and equip teams with essential tools for a healthy, inclusive workplace.

Game-Changing Strategies to Cultivate a Thriving Workplace

In the face of a rapidly changing world, organizations need to evolve and adapt, but this can be difficult without the right guidance and support. When organizations struggle to foster effective communication, promote resilience, navigate HR roles, and create a diverse and inclusive workplace they risk decreased employee engagement, high turnover rates, and a lack of innovation.

As the Chief Empowerment Officer of Live With Lyfe, Kenston Henderson, CSP® offers a unique blend of motivational speaking, leadership development, resilience training, and diversity and inclusion advocacy. 

His dynamic and engaging programs are designed to ignite, inspire, and equip teams with the necessary tools to cultivate a healthy, thriving, and inclusive workplace.

Our Services

Let's Build a Thriving Workplace Culture

Through his engaging speaking programs, interactive workshops, and dynamic group coaching sessions, Kenston Henderson, CSP® ignites, inspires, and equips individuals and teams with the tools needed to enhance their professional effectiveness and personal growth. His services, grounded in promoting resilience, effective communication, and inclusivity, provide practical strategies for success. 

Inspirational Speaking Programs

Known for tackling today’s most challenging topics, including resilience training, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and organizational evolution Kenston’s speaking programs empower individuals and teams to navigate today’s challenges, embrace diversity, and achieve their full potential.

Online Training

Race, diversity, and equity are such large and multifaceted subjects… and they often bring with them sensitivity, distinct opinions, and a wide range of emotions. With this course, learn a step-by-step framework for developing an organizational culture that is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and racially equitable.

Professional Development Workshops

Whether you’re an individual seeking to enhance your professional skills or a team aiming to boost performance, Kenston’s virtual and in-person workshops provide cutting-edge principles for personal development and deliver interactive experiences designed to maximize team potential across all levels.

I'm Kenston Henderson, Sr.

When it comes to today’s workplace culture, we all know the statistics – high employee turnover, lack of engagement, toxic environments, low morale, and resistance to change.

I’ve seen the challenges that businesses face firsthand, and I am here to change the narrative.

I believe in the power of positive, inclusive, and engaging workplaces. That’s why I’ve dedicated my work to addressing these issues head-on. I provide EPIC (Every Presentation Is Customized) keynote programs, workshops, and training sessions that not only highlight these issues but offer practical, actionable solutions.

But in the end, it’s not just about addressing problems – it’s about seizing opportunities.

It’s about recognizing the power of diversity, the importance of clear communication, and the magic of innovation. It’s about putting the customer at the heart of everything we do and understanding that effective teamwork is the backbone of any successful organization.

It’s time to change the game… are you ready to become a game changer?

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5 Actions You Can Take Today to
Start Transforming Your Culture

Without a positive and inclusive culture, employees may feel undervalued and disengaged. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with creating a thriving and inclusive workplace culture which can lead to high turnover rates, low employee morale, and decreased productivity.

Get this free download, the 5 Actions Your Can Take Today to Start Transforming Your Culture and get on the path to building a positive and inclusive culture that will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and drive success.

Start Transforming Your Culture Today!

Get this free download and get on the path to building a positive and inclusive culture that will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and drive success.