Meet Kenston Henderson, Sr., CSP® 

The Game Changer

Known as “The Game Changer”, Kenston Henderson Sr., CSP® is a transformative leadership speaker, trainer, and author, dedicated to igniting, inspiring, and empowering individuals and organizations.

About Kenston

Kenston Henderson Sr., CSP® , known as “The Bias Disrupter,” “The Game Changer,” and “The Winning Conversations Enthusiast,” is a seasoned leadership speaker, trainer, and coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organizations. He is the founder and CEO of Live With Lyfe, LLC, a talent development company, where he leverages his 20+ years of experience in Human Resources to deliver transformative presentations and training sessions.

A certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker,  a TEDx Signature Speaker, and Certified Speaking Professional™ (CSP®) Kenston has delivered hundreds of presentations across 35 states and extended his impact internationally, reaching audiences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

“If you’re doing lyfe alone, you’re doing it all wrong.”

— Kenston Henderson, Sr., CSP® 

His expertise is further solidified by his authored books, “Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously about Race” and “Parenting Like a Boss: Intentionally Committed.”

He created an online course, “Cultural Transformation in the Workplace: The 7 Keys to Create and Cultivate Racial Equity,” further demonstrating his commitment to fostering inclusive and equitable environments.

Kenston lives by the quote, “If you’re doing lyfe alone, you’re doing it all wrong,” reflecting his belief in the power of community and collaboration. His goal is to ignite, inspire, and empower the champion inside each individual, driving personal and professional growth

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Kenston Henderson, CSP®


Positive Energy & Rejuvenation

Kenston Henderson brings a burst of positive energy and rejuvenation to organizations. His dynamic presence and winning attitude inspire and uplift participants, creating an engaging and motivating learning environment.


Leadership Training

Kenston’s expertise extends to John Maxwell Certified leadership training. He equips individuals at every level and stage of life with the skills and mindset to connect better with others and lead with vision and purpose.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Instruction

Kenston provides enlightening instruction on DEI, offering valuable insights and strategies to foster inclusivity and address sensitive topics such as racism. He helps organizations navigate and initiate conversations that encourage positive growth.


Fear-Free Inclusivity

Kenston removes the fear surrounding inclusivity and creates a safe space for participants to explore and discuss leadership, inclusion, diversity, and conflict resolution. He empowers organization members to embrace best practices and contribute to a culture of inclusivity.



Magnetic Stage Presence

Kenston’s magnetic stage presence fills the room and captivates audiences. His ability to engage and connect with participants ensures that the training sessions are impactful, memorable, and enjoyable.



Global Reach

Kenston’s impact extends across the globe through his virtual presence. He has successfully conducted training sessions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. This global experience allows him to adapt his approach and connect with diverse cultures.



Extensive Experience

With a track record of delivering hundreds of in-person presentations, Kenston has developed expertise in training and development. His experience spans various organizations and industries, ensuring that he can tailor his approach to meet specific needs.


Sought-After Speaker

Kenston’s reputation as a sought-after TEDx Signature Speaker and Culture Transformation Champion speaks to his influence and expertise. His presentations and training sessions are known for their impact and effectiveness.


Author & Thought Leader

Kenston’s authorship of “Parenting Like a Boss: Intentionally Committed” and the “Winning Conversations Workbook” solidifies his position as a thought leader. His insights and strategies in these areas add depth and value to his training and development sessions.


Audiences Love Kenston!

Testimonials from satisfied clients, such as Atwell Group and the Government Finances Officers Association, highlight the effectiveness of Kenston’s workshops and training sessions. His high energy, passion, practical advice, and ability to create a safe space for learning receive praise from past clients.

5 Actions You Can Take Today to
Start Transforming Your Culture

Without a positive and inclusive culture, employees may feel undervalued and disengaged. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with creating a thriving and inclusive workplace culture which can lead to high turnover rates, low employee morale, and decreased productivity.

Get this free download, the 5 Actions Your Can Take Today to Start Transforming Your Culture and get on the path to building a positive and inclusive culture that will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and drive success.

Start Transforming Your Culture Today!

Get this free download and get on the path to building a positive and inclusive culture that will enhance employee engagement, increase productivity, and drive success.