7 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor and a Coach

“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their learning so that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.” – Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring.

A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser, while a coach focuses on specific strengths and weaknesses. As much as their roles differ, their key goal is to bring the best out of you. When you think of people who have made it, they’ve probably had good coaches and mentors.

Whether it be a family member, friend, teacher, or religious leader, the need for a mentor or a coach is inevitable. These people are essential in guiding, shaping, and directing you in the right way for your betterment and future opportunities.

Here are seven reasons why you need a mentor or coach.


It helps You Set a Measurable Goal

You will most likely remain stagnant if you don’t set goals for yourself. These goals should be realistic, measurable, attainable, and make you think outside the box. 

Your coach or mentor will ensure you have a clear strategy to achieve your goals. Without that strategy, your goals will be wishful thinking. 


For Accountability and Consistency

Being consistent in your goal setting will help you achieve your desired results on the button. Once you’ve set your goals, it is wise to communicate them to your mentor or coach and be accountable, so you don’t let yourself down.

Therefore, they will call and follow up on you to make you feel that your goal is not too far out of reach. 

Safety and comfort come with complacency, and that’s never a good place to work from.”– Elijah Wood.


Their Experiences will Encourage and Provoke You

Your mentor or coach’s teachings and instructions help you evade pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes in life. Ensure you ask about the secrets behind their success and learn from them. You will be amazed that what they tell you will trigger you to become a better person and achieve your desired goals. 


To Enhance Your Confidence and Problem-Solving Abilities

Besides helping you develop your leadership skills, a mentor will walk with you, guide you, advise you, and provoke your confidence to raise your ability to tackle and solve challenges. In addition, a mentor’s or coach’s opinion on different issues will change your perception of unhealthy, unhelpful, bad habits and your ways of thinking. The result will be; a mentee with a high confidence level and well-being.


They Give You Unbiased Opinions

Because of their role to motivate and provoke you, they can give you unbiased opinions concerning the subject matter. These opinions are vital as they will help you know how to handle your current situation. They hit the nail right on its head.


Access to Networks and Connections

When the opportunities arise, a mentor or coach with your interest will not hesitate to offer you new connections and networks.

Whether professional, political, spiritual, or businesswise, show interest whenever they tag you along on their next trip or venture and increase your chances of meeting new contacts.


They Will Hold You Accountable

Without goals, you have no direction; without direction, you remain stagnant. Therefore, mentors and coaches will direct you on what you desire to achieve what you desire by creating small steps to get there. They will keep you on track regarding attaining your goals and ensure that you are accountable to each of them. 

Key Takeaways

You are not weak when you submit under a mentor or coach. It indicates that you are intelligent, sharp, self-driven, and determined enough to succeed. Contact Live With Lyfe for a workshop about mentorship vs coaching.

Remember, if you’re doing HR or DEI alone, you’re doing it wrong.

Kenston Henderson

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