About The Book

This book loosens the tight grip many have held on to about generational beliefs that has in one way or another stunted emotional maturity. You can expect each page to be laced with either humor, frankness, tears, but most of all…digestible life experiences. I do hope that you will recognize the threads of womanhood that I have woven into the details of every piece because well, I had you in mind.

The Couch serves as an invitation to have necessary conversations around unmet expectations and puts a voice to the silence of taboo realities. It is dedicated to every woman who has opened her doors and her couch for others to be seen, loved, and heard. This book echoes the tears, laughter, and ambiguity that every meaningful moment represents.

We have sooo much ground to cover. I’ll get the coffee ready. Cream and sugar? Oh, tea? available upon request.

About the Author

Dr. Terah L. Henderson is a former international student turned international educator who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. She is a mental health professor who loves to teach Master’s and PhD students how to be the best mental health practitioners internationally. She received her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision from Mercer University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Above all, as much as Dr. T enjoys teaching, she is foremost a Wife and Madre who happens to absolutely love coffee shop hopping in her spare time and watching HGTV and Criminal Minds reruns. Her life work is to help motivated women get unstuck, achieve their goals, and find personal success.

Praise For The Couch

Heart warming, sincere, reflective… Terah has put together some simple yet thought-provoking stories. Transferring her own life experience into a piece of beautiful writing that matches with a cup of hot tea with gingerbread on a comfy couch.

Kwan Segal, Founder of ICAway

The Couch intriguingly offers a sweet blend of conversational genius and genuine intent. A witty repertoire of refreshingly honest banter….a linguistic masterpiece that tugs at our hearts and speaks to our souls….leaves us feeling raw and authentically free.

Necole Bryant-Baker, Ph.D.

Warning! Before starting this book, you need to have a few things in place before you get comfy on your couch. First, Terah will be spilling her tea – but- you will quickly see how it is relatable. Have your favorite beverage nearby because once you get started, you will not want to stop.  Secondly, you will clutch your pearls more than once, so get the tissues – the tears will come!  Lastly, this is an introspective journey.  Pull out that cute journal and pen and get ready to rewrite your story.

Thommi Odom Lawson, Ph.D.

“The Couch is more than a book that stirs your heart and your mind, it is an invitation to join Terah Henderson to journey down a path of self-reflection and growth. This journey is for those that have decided to venture into the parts of our lives that we try to kick under the couch and avoid. The offer extended to chat with each chapter provides a reflection and goal setting
opportunity that is a unique experience offered when you sit on the couch with Terah!”

Kristen Chaney, MA, LPC, NCC

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