What Audiences Are Saying About Kenston

Kenston’s appearance on my LinkedIn live show, “Catherine’s Corner,” was truly exceptional as he shared profound insights on his course, Cultural Transformation in the Workplace and the crucial keys to creating and cultivating racial equity. The depth of his understanding and the clarity with which he communicated these important topics left a lasting impact on our audience.

The overwhelming positive comments we received highlight the significance of Kenston’s expertise and the value of his message. I wholeheartedly recommend Kenston as a speaker for any event seeking to benefit from his remarkable insights and passion for driving positive change in organizational culture!”

Catherine Mattice, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

“Kenston is an amazing talent in the training and development space especially in DEI. He is an inspiring, energetic, and knowledgeable partner and facilitator. He brings insight and challenges people to critically and epathetically seek understanding and conversation that leads to growth and equity in the workplace. At Community Housing Network we have been so fortunate to embark on a year’s long journey with Kenston seeking to recognize and mitigate implicit bias while building connection within our teams and throughout the organization.”

Mindy Martin, Recruitment and HR Generalist at Community Housing Network

“I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the Kansas DEI Summit with Kenston. He opened the conference with his presentation and set the tone for the rest of the day. His energy was high and his engagement with the audience was excellent. Inclusion was one of the focuses of the conference and he made sure to include the audience during his presentation. I highly recommend having Kenston be a speaker at your next event.”

Charles Morgan, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Kenston speak on several occasions. His energy, insights into real-world challenges and practical interventions are greatly appreciated. He creates safe spaces for Leaders to navigate complex situations and empower us to have crucial and difficult conversations. You will be in for a treat with The Kenston Experience.”

Akilah Charlemagne, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

“Kenston is a great speaker and thought leader. He was engaging and interactive with his audience. His message is clear and action oriented. I have learned a lot from him and would welcome the opportunity to hear him again.”

Amy Salerno, SVP Global Talent and Culture (HR)

“Kenston was a speaker at the CASHRM Expo and Conference in Charlotte NC. He is a dynamic motivator that ignites the fire to have necessary conversations! I highly recommend him to break the ice for DE&I conversations at your organization!”

Lavonda Robinson, SHRM-CP

“During SHRM INCLUSION 2021 I had the privilege of listening to Kenston’s talk “Winning Conversations: Keys to Becoming a Successful and Courageous Advocate and Ally.” I’m striving to be an advocate and ally not just in the workplace, but in my everyday life and interactions. Kenston’s knowledge and passion about this topic left me feeling motivated and inspired. If you have the opportunity to hear Kenston speak, you will be better for it!”

Molly E. Heiler, SHRM-CP

“I had the pleasure of seeing Kenston speak at the SHRM Inclusion conference and he is just someone who has a way of commanding a room with his positive energy and sense of humor while still getting the important messages across. This work in the DEI space is not easy and Kenston really pushes people to lean in and just do more with where they are right now in their DEI journey. When you attend one of Kenston’s sessions be prepared to feel like you belong and are welcomed as he puts in the extra effort to greet everyone and introduce himself to ensure there is a safe space created before diving in to the more difficult conversations. I found that to be special and that is what makes him so personable and a stand out speaker.”

Chelly Conley, MBA,SPHR,SHRM-SCP

“I had the honor and privilege of hearing Kenston present on “Winning Conversations: How to Communicate Successfully and Courageously About Race” at the HR Florida Conference. Not only was this topic “right on time”, with current climate; Kenton’s delivery was raw, uncut and real! In my opinion, this conversation has been long overdue. Kenston created a safe place, allowing for vulnerability. I have attended many sessions on this very topic over the past year and half, but none as dynamic and real as this. Kenston, THANK YOU for bringing your true, authentic self to this conversation. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversations I have started within my professional/personal networks and taking them to a whole new level of vulnerability and continuous fight for awareness.”

Jessica Holloman, SHRM-CP, PHR

At the HR Florida Conference in August 2021, I had the honor of hearing Kenston present and speak about speaking courageously about race in the workplace. Kenston’s message resonated and was universal – we cannot avoid talking about topics of such importance anymore and need to create safe environments in our workplaces to foster such discussions. Whether race, LGBTQ+, gender, or other topics we have long thought too sensitive to discuss, Kenston’s collaborative approach to bringing these issues to light is engaging, serious, and even fun. His innate ability to connect with everyone in his audience is authentic and further adds to the meaningful nature of his approach. I am hopeful I get to learn more from Kenston as I continue my own journey to speak courageously.

Kenston Henderson Sr. and the Live with Lyfe team were a pleasure to work with. Kenston took the time to understand our group dynamics in order to incorporate into the event. His presentation was high energy, relevant, and informative. He kept the group engaged and was able to showcase, through stories and examples, how attendees could take his insight back to ‘real-life’. We would highly recommend Kenston for your next event.”

Adam Reidel, Senior Director, Talent Management

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Kenston


Positive Energy & Rejuvenation

Kenston Henderson brings a burst of positive energy and rejuvenation to organizations. His dynamic presence and winning attitude inspire and uplift participants, creating an engaging and motivating learning environment.


Leadership Training

Kenston’s expertise extends to John Maxwell Certified leadership training. He equips individuals at every level and stage of life with the skills and mindset to connect better with others and lead with vision and purpose.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Instruction

Kenston provides enlightening instruction on DEI, offering valuable insights and strategies to foster inclusivity and address sensitive topics such as racism. He helps organizations navigate and initiate conversations that encourage positive growth.


Fear-Free Inclusivity

Kenston removes the fear surrounding inclusivity and creates a safe space for participants to explore and discuss leadership, inclusion, diversity, and conflict resolution. He empowers organization members to embrace best practices and contribute to a culture of inclusivity.



Magnetic Stage Presence

Kenston’s magnetic stage presence fills the room and captivates audiences. His ability to engage and connect with participants ensures that the training sessions are impactful, memorable, and enjoyable.



Global Reach

Kenston’s impact extends across the globe through his virtual presence. He has successfully conducted training sessions in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. This global experience allows him to adapt his approach and connect with diverse cultures.



Extensive Experience

With a track record of delivering hundreds of in-person presentations, Kenston has developed expertise in training and development. His experience spans various organizations and industries, ensuring that he can tailor his approach to meet specific needs.


Sought-After Speaker

Kenston’s reputation as a sought-after TEDx Signature Speaker and Culture Transformation Champion speaks to his influence and expertise. His presentations and training sessions are known for their impact and effectiveness.


Author & Thought Leader

Kenston’s authorship of “Parenting Like a Boss: Intentionally Committed” and the “Winning Conversations Workbook” solidifies his position as a thought leader. His insights and strategies in these areas add depth and value to his training and development sessions.


Audiences Love Kenston!

Testimonials from satisfied clients, such as Atwell Group and the Government Finances Officers Association, highlight the effectiveness of Kenston’s workshops and training sessions. His high energy, passion, practical advice, and ability to create a safe space for learning receive praise from past clients.