Series Coaching Bundle


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Series Coaching Bundle Starting Monday August 31 at 9:30am ET

Series I: Get Clear 

This course is designed to help you…

  • Get unstuck

  • Prioritize yourself and your goals

  • Move from feeling overwhelmed to being organized

  • Move from doing “what you always do”, when “what you always do”…is not working

Series II: Get Focused

Is designed to help you…

  • Identify emotional and literal obstacles

  • Break self-sabotaging habits

  • Break down short & long term goals and teach you how to add them to your busy life

  • Create and fine tune action plans

  • Move from goal setting (remember that vision board party you attended?) to goal planning

Series III: Get Moving

Is designed to…

  • Teach you how to stop hoarding information and act

  • Show you how to work smart and get more done

  • Teach you how to track results and progress

  • Teach you how to break down goals into realistic action steps (monthly, weekly, daily)

Three month commitment

Meets virtually (Zoom)
6 sessions total, 90 mins each
Free gift! ebook or journal (pdf)
$449.99 investment (savings of $225!!)


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