What would it mean to your family if you had confidence in your parenting in any situation?

This book goes against the grain to enthusiastically challenge parents to accept and wear their parental badges of honor and Parent Like a BOSS.

About The Book

The American Society for the Positive Care of Children (2014) states that the inability to have long-lasting friendships and relationships are linked to bad parenting habits; also depression and low self-esteem, bullying and criminal behavior. Parenting Like a BOSS was created to ignite, inspire, and empower parents to be the best parents they can be for their precious gifts. With the stated effects of bad parenting, we can no longer allow our children to grow up by themselves in a society that would not love them as much as we do. There is no judgment but only encouragement for us to enthusiastically accept and wear our parental badges of honor and Parent Like a BOSS.


Praise For Parenting Like A Boss

Tired of getting ordered around, controlled, not being taken seriously as a parent? You need to start “Parenting Like A BOSS!” Let Christian Parenting Empowerment Expert Kenston Henderson show you how to become engaged parents and get your BOSS card back. This book is a must read for all serious couples who want to take the reigns back with their children and “Parent Like A BOSS!”

Hansen Harper

“Parenting Like a BOSS is a very important, timely message that parents need to hear and understand. Kenston Henderson affirms and elevates the importance of parenting in the 21st century. Today’s kids are going through challenges unlike previous generations. They need highly engaged parents who love, support, correct, and guide them. Kenston addresses essential elements that will not only help you survive, but thrive as a parent. Don’t just read this book; apply it immediately!”

Chris McClure

Parenting Like A Boss is a great tool to help us evaluate how we should parent the gifts God has given us to steward over. This masterpiece has inspired me to step up my game and change my mindset to relate more to my children. I’m excited to see the fruits of what I have learned from Parenting Like A Boss.

Deridre Banks,

Author and CEO of DBanks Global Empowerment Team LLC

“If I could give this book 1,000 stars I would! This book is amazing! This book is filled with parenting principles that every healthy family needs to practice in order to develop strong future women and men of tomorrow. Life doesn’t show up with a parents manual, this book will definitely help you become a better father or mother.”

Sarinette Caraballo Founder & CEO of ASK Leadership Team

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