Occupying Your Lane (Anti-Racism)

 In Empowerment

Join Kenston Henderson and Dr. Terah Henderson on an eye-opening discussion about occupying your lane in the fight for social justice. As we witness the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equity, it’s more important than ever to find your own unique voice and make a difference in your own way. This podcast episode dives deep into how we can identify our own lane, hone our skills, and contribute to dismantling systemic injustice.

With a focus on racial injustice, implicit bias, and diversity and inclusion, Kenston and Terah offer valuable insights and actionable steps towards creating a more just society. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just starting out, this conversation will inspire you to step up and make a difference in your community. Tune in and learn how you can be a catalyst for change in the fight for social justice.

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